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Joining a Society or Renewing an Existing Membership

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For faster processing and to help the societies reduce administration expenses, please follow the instructions below to join or renew your membership online through the Portal. However, for those who need to renew via postal mail, a paper renewal form can be downloaded here.

Joining/Renewing Via the Member Portal

Join or renew your membership in any of the partner societies from the Portal homepage. Click on the "Join/Renew" link for your society under the My Membership (Join/Renew/Subscribe) section of the page. The appearance of your page may differ from what is shown below based on the status of your memberships:

LIFE MEMBERS do not need to renew, but can update their information, make donations, renew other society memberships, or join other societies. For more information on making donations, click here.

To Join or Renew, click on the society of interest, which brings up a list of membership options:

Next you may choose from a list of add-on products to include with your membership.

You then have an opportunity to add memberships from the other OSNA societies.

As a final step, you are taken to the payment page. Here you can choose to save your credit card information for future purchases.

Following submission of your order, you will receive two emails - one confirming your recent purchase and a separate welcome letter from your society.

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